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Brenda Tharp

Brenda Tharp has been a professional photographer since 1985, and a long-time educator, speaker and writer. In 2000, she added ‘tour leader’ to that list, and has been actively teaching and leading photography tours around the world and within the USA. Her popular books, Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography and Extraordinary Everyday Photography have been used as textbooks for college photography classes.

Brenda’s keen eye for visual design elements, her sense of color, gesture, and light is evident in her award-winning images. She applies this creative vision to both nature and cultural photography. Her photographs have been used in ads, and brochures, calendars, greeting cards, in a wide variety of publications, including Audubon, Chromazone Publishing, Chronicle Books, National Geographic Books, several books for the Golden Gate National Park Conservancy (California), The Sierra Club, Sunset, Northwest Traveler, and Islands.

Brenda’s fine art images have hung in shows at Hop Kiln Winery, Penzel Art Gallery, and Artisans, all in California.

An impassioned teacher, Brenda loves sharing her knowledge of photography techniques and concepts. She has a gift for clearly articulating the fundamental concepts of composition, design, light, color, and loves guiding others on their path to more creative images. Brenda has taught for Toscana Photo Workshops, Venice School of Photography, and presently teaches at Maine Media Workshops, Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, Pacific Northwest Art School, and also conducts her own field workshops. She has spoken to thousands of people at photography, travel and garden club conferences. She also leads international tours, many organized through Strabo Tours.

When not traveling, she spends time with her partner Jed Manwaring, and their dog, Mocha, and loves to garden.

To view more of her work please visit:

For more information on Brenda’s current and on-going photography workshops in the field and her photography tours, please visit:

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