Free Photography Lesson and Assignment
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Best way to learn about something is first-hand and hands-on. That's what this abbreviated online Free Sample Lesson and Critiqued Assignment offered by professional photographer, David Bathgate, is all about. Is it representative of the types of online photography lessons and photography training & tutorials assignments you'll receive as an enrolled TCI student? Yes. Does it reflect the skill level TCI courses call for? Answer to this is that our courses, be they photography, video or multimedia, range from introductory to advanced / aspiring professional levels of skill. That said, no course can be strictly categorized, there is always some overlap. For you the student, this means if you need extra help with a specific course, our instructors will always be there for you - to bring you "up to speed," with whatever you need and do it in a non-stressful, supportive  and inspiring way.

So now "hands-on" begins. Sign up for a Free Compelling Image account and get started straight-away on familiarizing yourself with how the TCI method of online interactive learning works. Enjoy the abbreviated sample lesson, complete the related assignment, upload your work to the TCI website and receive a free critique by an award-winning member of The Compelling Image faculty. You'll even be able to comment on and receive comments from others who may be completing the assignment at the same time as you.  It's a great opportunity to get to know us at TCI, and quality e-learning photography instruction in general -  and it's all FREE!

Upon completion of this abbreviated sample lesson and assignment, you will know:

  • First-hand, exactly how TCI online-interactive courses work
  • What constitutes a technically proficient and compelling photograph
Lesson plan:
  • FREE Short-Sample Photography Lesson and Assignment
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7 days


I posted my photos and received a full and really useful critique by the next morning.  It prompted me to take a full class with David Bathgate (Wide Angle Lens) and I loved it.  I just signed up for yet another class.  These are wonderful classes and I highly recommend them.

- By Antoinette Addison