Low-Light Photography
Course Price: USD 149.0
Course Price With Skype Call: USD 169.00

Most anyone can make well-exposed photographs by daylight.  Much more challenging are good photos made at night or when light levels are at their lowest.  But to stow your camera in less than optimum lighting conditions is to forgo a whole other world of photographic expression and creativity.  

This online photography course taught by professional photographer and photography educator, Arlene Collins, is designed for those who want to push their photographic style, gain control of image exposure in low light and create a distinctive and personal look to the photos they make.  Participants explore the use of long exposures, use of neutral density filters, HDR (High Dynamic Range) and wireless multi-strobe set-ups to create stunning low-light imagery.

For those photographers who have ever wondered how an image could possibly capture evening and all low-light scenes and subjects with such detail, sharpness, color tonality, mood and drama, this online and interactive photography workshop is for you.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Properly determine exposures when a light meter reading is not available
  • Create nighttime special effects
  •  Paint light with a flash unit and flashlights
  • Create new, innovative low-light imagery through both technical execution and new-found creative vision


What you will need:

  • Digital SLR or compact mirrorless camera (film is also fine, but you'll need to scan images for upload to the TCI website)
  • Selection of lenses if available
  • Speed light
  • Computer with photo-processing software (e.g. Photoshop)
  • Study tripod
  • Cable release or remote trigger
Lesson plan:
  • Gearing Up for the Night Sky
  • Capturing Motion and Painting with Light
  • Mastering the Strobe
  • "Light" is the Language
Enroll on this Course:
60 days

Arlene was a fantastic instructor for this course. Before signing up, I had always put my camera away when I thought it too dark to capture the scenes and subjects i wanted to. But through Arlene's insightful lessons and assignment critiques, I've discovered a whole "new world" of photography, capturing the moment when the light is low. A highly recommended course for photgraphers who think there's only one type of light for photography. I learned a lot, thanks to Arlene and her expansive photographic vision.

- By JoAnne Powless
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