Emerging Photographer Program

A new addition to an already great lineup of courses is TCI’s Emerging Photographer program. Geared to amateurs looking to take their work to a higher level and the photographer whose aspirations run to the professional, this exciting program offers photographers the opportunity to develop and refine their vision via a combination of progressive and related courses, Skype consultations and a professional portfolio review by a TCI instructor of their choice. Upon successful completion of the program, participants will then have the opportunity to exhibit their work at photojournale, a key, high-standards player in the development and future of visual storytelling and photography publication on the internet.

How the Program Works

Students enrolling in the Emerging Photographer Program will choose among three selected mentorship curricula. Upon successful completion of these related courses, their portfolio of work will be critiqued and reviewed by a TCI instructor of their choice. The package - two courses, Skype consultations and portfolio review - will be be offered at a discount off the regular price.

What are the Benefits?

The biggest value of the Emerging Photographer program lies in the student’s ability to work more closely with instructors. The goal is to produce high-quality photographic work to be professionally exhibited to a worldwide audience, among which sits a growing number of editors keen to discover new and dynamic work for their publications - on and off the web. It is an opportunity not to be missed if you are serious about photography - even more so, if turning professional is among your plans.

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Emerging Multimedia Storyteller Program$589.00

Multimedia offers a whole new dimension to visual expression.  The mix of sound, still and moving pictures equips the storyteller to expand his or her vision and to present it in a variety of powerfully creative and compelling ways. 

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Emerging Multimedia Storyteller Program

Emerging Photographer Program: Documentary Photography / Photojournalism$589.00

Ask a working photojournalist or documentary photographer what path they took to reach their career goal and you'll likely get a range of answers. A few may have studied photojournalism at university, some at art school. The vast majority, however, will tell you they "just did it." Press further and you'll hear that it was a particular course they took or a workshop they had with a veteran photographer, that really set them on their way.

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Emerging Photographer Program: Documentary Photography / Photojournalism

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