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Online-Interactive Courses in Photography and Multimedia Storytelling - Taught by the Professionals

The Compelling Image offers online and interactive workshops for photographers, video producers and multimedia storytellers of all skill levels and interests. Whether you're an aspiring professional or just beginning your journey of visual expression, TCI’s international faculty of professionals will mentor your development each step of the way - affordable, convenient, inspiring - wherever you live.

A virtual classroom / social-interactive experience...

As a TCI student, you'll receive critiques and commentary on your assignments from your instructor, timely answers to your questions and be able to network and discuss all that is happening on your course with fellow classmates. A synergy of learning is the result - a social networking and educational experience shared by a community of imaging enthusiasts - just like you!

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Bob Sacha
Bob Sacha
Bob Sacha is an award-winning multimedia producer, documentary filmmaker, photographer, editor and teacher who made his...

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Starts on 22 Sep 2014 (Enroll before 29 Sep 2014)

Digital Photography - Getting Started

Starts on 22 Sep 2014 (Enroll before 29 Sep 2014)

Creative Digital Photography: Inspiring Techniques

Starts on 22 Sep 2014 (Enroll before 29 Sep 2014)

Sports Photography

Starts on 22 Sep 2014 (Enroll before 29 Sep 2014)

Photographing Children and Teens

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Join The Compelling Image founder and Corbis Images photographer, David Bathgate, for a photo workshop in the lush and culturally-rich foothills of the Indian Himalaya. Details and bookings at: