How It Works

The Compelling Image (TCI) school of photography and visual storytelling is the affordable and convenient way to learn photography from award-winning professionals - right from your own home and in tune with your busy schedule. All you need is a computer and connection to the internet.

With courses ranging from beginner through aspiring professional levels, each contains lessons introducing new skills and assignments to put them into practice - no matter where you live. With each assignment you upload to the TCI website, you’ll receive timely interactive feedback and friendly, constructive advice from your instructor. And you’ll be able to discuss your lessons and assignments interactively with others on your course too.

Sign up now for a Free Account and enroll on our Free Sample Lesson to experience - first hand - just how TCI’s effective and enjoyable method of online-interactive photography instruction works. Tci process Tci process responsive

  • From your Student Area Dashboard, you will be able to view analysis and constructive critiques of the assignment work you've submitted, as well as receive timely answers to questions posed to your instructor. Plus, you'll be able to carry on lively discussions within your "virtual Classroom" - exchanging feedback and comments with others on your course. You will even be able to schedule a Skype consultation with your instructor to discuss your progress.

  • In clear, enjoyable to read text - richly illustrated with photos and / or video clips - you'll be introduced to new and valuable sets of image-making skills.

  • Each lesson - downloadable in PDF form - is accompanied by a hands-on and directly-related assignment. You can complete your assignments wherever you live, using subjects conveniently accessible to you. And except for the end-date of your enrollment, you'll have no deadlines to meet in submitting your assignments. Simply upload them when you're ready.

  • Timely feedback is a key component of the TCI e-learning process. This means you'll receive answers to your questions within 24 hours and critiques of your work within 48 hours of their submission - along with valuable suggestions, tips and advice for improving your future work.

Need more time on your enrollment? Not a problem. Two weeks before your enrollment has reached its end, you'll receive email and on-site notification of this, along with the opportunity to extend your course interaction with instructor and students - all at a reduced monthly rate.

Still not sure? Sign up for a no-strings-attached TCI account, enroll on our FREE SAMPLE LESSON and you'll be presented with a shortened version of an actual TCI lesson and assignment, that you'll be able to complete wherever you live. When you’ve finished, upload your work and you’ll receive a professional critique of your photos - all for FREE!

We are certain you will enjoy and greatly benefit from your online-interactive learning experience at TCI. However if you are not satisfied for any reason, TCI will refund 75 percent of your paid tuition, if notified at within the first week of your enrollment.

  • Kimberly Bryant / TCI Emerging Photographer Program
    Kimberly Bryant / TCI Emerging Photographer Program

    "Guidance from respected teachers during my time ‘in the field’ has been invaluable to the progression of my documentary photography work and sense of professional confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend the Emerging Photographer Program to anyone wanting to improve their work. Thanks TCI!!"

  • Jean Lua / TCI Mentorship Program
    Jean Lua / TCI Mentorship Program

    "Amazing. Informative. Inspirational. These words concisely summarize my experience with Dan's mentoring class. I recognized that direct feedback and mentoring from an experienced photographer would be an essential ingredient to my progress."

Professional photojournalist and TCI alumnus, Vlad Sokhin, at work in Papua New Guinea.