Allana Wesley White

Allana is a fashion and lifestyle advertising photographer working throughout the USA and Canada, from her base in Miami, Florida, USA.

Allana came to photography from a modeling career that took her all over the world, from her home in Canada.  While working abroad, she met and married a European photographer, who gave her a camera and taught her first-hand how to make her ideas come to life in photography.  Modeling has given Allana a unique perspective, exposing her to many styles of creativity, as well as teaching her how to capture best each model's natural qualities.

Allana is passionate about photography and strives to have a consistent style throughout all her work - from kids to beauty, fashion to travel.  She regularly contributes to international magazines, advertisements, catalogues and books.  Some of her advertising and editorial clients include Neutrogena and Elle Magazine.

Allana's work can be seen on her website.