Cielo de la Paz

Cielo originally grew up in the Philippines and Australia. As a young and impressionable teenager she immigrated to the United States with her single mother and now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. When on photographic adventures, she can often be found encouraging her creative and talented sons to get their clothes dirty, in order to give her “the shot” she needs.

Cielo is passionate about capturing fascinating images. She loves to experiment with light, color, shadow and special techniques—from rainy day puddle reflections on street corners to levitation in her own living room. 

Cielo’s work was initially discovered by Apple from photographs she posted on Flickr as part of a year-long personal creative project. Cielo’s videography and photography have been included in three of Apple’s advertising campaigns, as well as that of Google, Microsoft, Coca Cola, Sephora and various tech start-ups. Her 15 years as a User Experience Designer gives her a unique and deep understanding of how images appeal to the human brain, as well as knowing how to cater to the needs of editors and advertising agencies. In 2015, Cielo’s work awarded the prestigious—Gold Cannes Lions Award.

Cielo teaches iPhone Videography on Skillshare. Her photography and videography portfolio can be viewed on her website ( and on Instagram (

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