Capturing the Urban Jungle - The Graphics
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Vibrance and dynamism characterize the modern city, be it in the U.S. Europe, Asia or Africa. The strong lines of tall buildings and walkways, the rush of people, the ambiance of quiet cafes or noisy construction sites - all make for powerful photographs.  In this series of three "mini courses," you'll turn your camera, concentration and creativity toward each and all of this to produce stunning images of the modern metropolis phenomenon. Widely-exhibited professional photographer and Washington, D.C. resident, Gina Genis, will be your guide through the visually-inspiring labyrinth of "Urban Jungle."

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Bring compelling design to your compositions
  • Choose lighting to define and enhance "mood"
  • Select locations and perspectives for impact
  • Set exposure for controlled effect
  • Tone images to their best

What you will need:

  • Either DSLR or mirrorless camera, smartphone or film camera (a scanner will be required if using the latter)
  • Wide-angle to medium telephone lens (zooms are fine)
  • Sturdy tripod or compact "Gorilla Pod
  • Computer with Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom or similar photo-processing software installed
  • Optional equipment: a warming or skylight filter, Hoodman Loupe, and UV haze filter
  • Sturdy walking shoes and a good dose of "curiosity."
Lesson plan:
  • Capturing the Urban Jungle - The Graphics
Enroll on this Course:
10 days


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