Street Photography with G.M.B. Akash

GMB Akash
Teacher : GMB Akash
Category : Intermediate, Advance
Street Photography with G.M.B. Akash
  • Duration : 60 days

Course Brief :

Designed to bring new focus to the long-practiced art of street photography, these exciting online photography classes guide photographers to make interesting and creative photographs of street life, wherever in the world that may be.  Join internationally acclaimed street photographer, "Akash," to become a more astute observer of life around you, as well as a photographer practicing one of the most popular genres of photography available to all, today.  Akash has the experience and skills to take you there.  Join him, camera-in-hand, and take it to the street!

Roaming streets and byways in search of dramatic photos has been around since the start of compact 35mm cameras. Raised to a photographic genre by Cartier-Bresson and generations of inspired photographers after him, "Street Photography" remains as much an accepted genre today, as it ever has been. But followed seriously, street-shooting should land its practitioner more than just a collection of unrelated images. It should exhibit thematic, focus-visual intent. This 4-lesson and assignment online photography course taught by internationally acclaimed street photographer, G.M.B. Akash, is designed to point you in just such a direction. Whether you're aiming to publish your work on the web or elsewhere, enter photo competitions or just to satisfy your own photographic interest, these online photography lessons and their related hands-on assignments will both challenge you and surprise you - as to just how good a street photographer you can be.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Photograph more effectively and creatively carrying a single camera and just one or two lenses
  • Know where you need permission and where not
  • Select the best locations - or let the action come to you
  • Visual the shot you want and be ready when it arrives
  • "Zone focus" to capture "The Moment"
  • Build on a theme to capture a "whole"


What you will need:

  • Digital SLR or compact mirrorless camera (film is also fine, but you'll need to scan images for upload to the TCI website)
  • Proficiency with aperture and shutter controls
  • Prime (fixed focal-length) or zoom lens in the 24mm to 50mm range
  • Willingness and energy to "take to the streets"
  • Self-motivation to get the most from this instructor-interactive course

Instructor :

Akash's passion for photography began in 1996. He attended the World Press Photo seminar in Dhaka for 3 years and graduated with a BA in Photojournalism from Pathshala, Dhaka. He has received more than 40 international awards from all around the world and his work has been featured in over 50 major international publications including: Time, Sunday Times, Newsweek, Geo, Stern, Der Spiegel, Brand Ein, The Guardian, Marie Claire, Colors, The Economist, The New Internationalist, Kontinente, Amnesty Journal, Courier International, PDN, Die Zeit, Days Japan, Hello, and Sunday Telegraph of London.

In 2002, he became the first Bangladeshi to be selected for the World Press Photo Joop Swart Masterclass in the Netherlands. In 2004 he received the Young Reporters Award from the Scope Photo Festival in Paris, again being the first Bangladeshi to receive the honour. In 2005 he was awarded Best of Show at the Center for Fine Art Photography's international competition in Colorado, USA. In 2006 he was awarded World Press Photo award and released his first book "First Light".

In 2007, Akash again became the first Bangladeshi to be selected for the 30 Emerging Photographers (PDN 30) by Photo District News Magazine, USA.

He won the 7th Vevey International Photography Grant from Switzerland in 2009.

In 2009, Akash wins the international ‘ Travel photographer of the year ‘ title from the international travel photographer of the year competition ( TPOY 2009 ), the most prestigious award in travel photography. UK.

You can view more of Akash's work on his website.

GMB Akash - A Photojournalist's blog.

Reviews :

A great introduction to the genre of street photography, taught by legendary photographer, "Akash." I felt Akash's enthusiasm and passion for capturing life on the street throughout this online-interactive course. Akash showed me how to "see" photos amid the chaos, how to capture the emotion and energy of life on the street and how to edit my images for greatest impact. An online course that will build your confidence, hone your skills, and load your photography with an enthusiastic vision. Thanks G.M.B. Akash. You're the master.

- By Umberto Michelucci

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