People Photography - with Confidence!
Course Price: USD 149.0
Course Price With Skype Call: USD 169.00

Photographing people with a long lens from across the street is one thing; capturing them at closer distances is a whole new level of photographic expression filled with impact, emotion, and a whole lot more. Fact is, many people behind the camera fear close encounters with strangers.  Shyness and fear of rejection are a part of it. Not knowing just how to handle the situation successfully once you're in it, is another. This online photography course, taught by professional photographer David Bathgate, aims to remove those obstacles - bringing close-in photography of people - total strangers included - well within your reach. The result is nothing short of creative, confident and powerful!

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Work confidently and decisively with a 50mm to medium telephoto lens
  • Establish rapport when approaching strangers for a photograph
  • Make stunning impromptu and environmental portraits in all types of light
  • See people picture possibilities amid the crowd


What you will need:

  • Digital SLR or compact mirrorless camera (film is also fine, but you'll need to scan images for upload to the TCI website)
  • A prime lens or zoom in the 50mm to 105mm range
  • Computer with photo-processing software (e.g. Lightroom or Photoshop)
  • Self-motivation to get the most from this instructor-interactive course
Lesson plan:
  • Using Shorter Lenses
  • Approaching Strangers
  • Making the Best of Perspective and Light
  • Seeing Photos Within Photos
Enroll on this Course:
60 days

I found this course extremely valuable in terms of conquering my hesitancy to just get in there and photograph strangers. And, I had the opportunity to meet (and photograph) some very interesting types in the process. David was extremely patient, helpful and encouraging thoughout the course. I'd signed up for the additional Skype call and discussed my work with David for a good half hour. Well worth the additional cost! David's a professional through and through. And not just that, an excellent teacher to boot. Highly recommended!

- By Jonathan Moldover

Enjoyed this course immensely. Lessons were fun and assignments challenging, but just enough to take me out of my comfort zone. I discovered a whole other side of me as a photographer.

- By anonymous

Fascinating faces, people on the street, I'd always had a difficult time approaching strangers for a photograph. The course taught by the talented David Bathgate brought me through all this in a very supportive way. His lessons were really enjoyable and their connected assignments led me to a confidence level where I no longer stress over the photos I'd after. I opted for the Skype call too, which is strongly advised. David offered a lot of additional advice during our 30-minute plus Skype conversation. In summary - a fantastic online course and a skilled and supportive instructor!

- By anonymous

Great course, David!  I was a bit slow in getting started, but once I did, the four lessons and their assignments kept my interest and enthusiasm high. I would recommend this online course for those photographers who want to capture photos of those interesting people we see each and every day, but always too timid to do so - and to do it in a skillfully and creative way.

- By anonymous
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