• Jump Into A Portfolio Review And Come Away Inspired

    As with many artistic pursuits, there is only so much one can learn on one's own. Sooner or later a "plateau" is reached, blocking the way forward to the next higher level. Photography is no exception and even the most seasoned of shooters have at some time felt - well, "stagnation."

    Symptoms? Compositions look all the same, carry little emotion and lean toward "not-so-stunning." From the photographer's side of the viewfinder, there often doesn't seem to be a way out. And no matter how intense the effort, nothing short of an unbiased, knowledgeable and critical eye can help. In short, it's time for something more - perhaps even of the National Geographic variety.

    The Compelling Image online photography school offers a very special one-week online photography course - an opportunity to "sit down" one-to-one with either award-winning photographer, Ami Vitale or Bob Sacha, to discuss your photos, what their strong points are and what in particular you can do to improve them. Adding depth to this personal portfolio review, either will inquire about the motivation behind your work, what it is you want to communicate to your audience and what goals you have set for yourself with a camera. In all, the experiencepromises to be nothing short of insightfully valuable.                                     

    So, whether your a serious amateur wanting to make the most of your talent, an aspiring professional looking to make photography your full- or part-time career, or already a mid-career professional in search of new directions, this opportunity is one you won't want to miss, since it all takes place online from wherever you connect to the internet. Check it out at The Compelling Image, where the best online classes for learning photography are to be found.

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