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The Compelling Image provides you with the ability to learn multimedia online and interactively - covering a wide range of topics that combine audio and still photographs, video clips and still photographs and various mixes, thereof to produce powerful and compelling multimedia stories and productions. Our professional multimedia teachers guide you through every step of the learning process and ensure you get everything you need to produce amazing stories through the use of multiple media technologies.

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Documentary Video Production: Getting Started$249.00

We all have stories to tell. Whether it’s about your own life, that of your grandmother's experiences growing up or highlighting an example of corporate greed over the common good, a story worth telling, is worth telling well. Some of us are natural storytellers.  Others  feel they have something to say, but don’t know how to say it. In this course you will be  taken step-by-step through the entire process of producing a short, easily-achievable, 5-minute documentary film on a topic of your choice. Upon completion, you will have a professional-looking documentary video that you can show to family and friends and/or upload to to the internet for all the world to see.

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Tobie Openshaw
5 weeks

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Starts on 29 Dec 2014 (Enroll before 05 Jan 2015)

Digital Black and White Photography

Starts on 29 Dec 2014 (Enroll before 05 Jan 2015)

Documentary Video Production: Getting Started

Starts on 29 Dec 2014 (Enroll before 05 Jan 2015)

Macro Photography the Digital Way

Starts on 29 Dec 2014 (Enroll before 05 Jan 2015)

One Camera - One Lens: 50mm Challenge