Street Photography
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Roaming streets and byways in search of dramatic photos has been around since the start of compact 35mm cameras. Raised to a photographic genre by Cartier-Bresson and generations of inspired photographers after him, Street Photography remains as much an accepted genre today, as it ever has been. But followed seriously, street shooting should land its practitioner more than just a collection of unrelated images. It should exhibit thematic, focus-visual intent. This 4-week online photography course is designed to point you in just such a direction. Its aim is not just the daily exercise you'll receive, but a powerful and cohesive body of work fit for portfolio presentation or submission as a photo-essay.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Photograph more effectively and creatively carrying a single camera and just one or two lenses
  • Know where you need permission and where not
  • Select the best locations - or let the action come to you
  • Visual the shot you want and be ready when it arrives
  • "Zone focus" to capture "The Moment"
  • Build on a theme to capture a "whole"

What you will need:

  • Digital SLR or compact mirrorless camera (film is also fine, but you'll need to scan images for upload to the TCI website)
  • Proficiency with aperture and shutter controls.
  • Prime (fixed focal-length) or zoom lens in the 24mm to 50mm range.
  • Willingness and energy to "take to the streets".
Lesson plan:
  • Equipping Yourself – Rights and Mobility
  • Thinking - Seeing “Selects”
  • Exceeding the Sum of Parts
  • Finding Your Way
Enroll on this Course:
7 days


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