Using Flash Effectively and Creatively
Jonathan Castner
Jonathan Castner
4 weeks
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Using Flash Effectively and Creatively$229.00

Ever since the 1970's photographers have had in their camera bags small flexible and surprisingly powerful electronic flash units. Now with the remote exposure control that the Nikon CLS and Canon E-TTL systems give remarkable ability for the photographer to take their little strobes and produce the kind of lighting that most people think that only large and expensive studio strobes can produce but in a small, inexpensive and quick to use package. Combine two speedlights with two light stands, an umbrella and a clamp and the result is a small portable studio or location lighting setup that will give you professional results for a fraction of the cost and bulk of a "studio strobe" kit. In this most informative online photography course, we will show you how all of this is possible as well as how to do things with these small strobes that you can't do with big lights.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

What you will need:

Lesson plan:
  • Understanding lighting controls: color, contrast and light quality
  • Controlling lights in the field: placement and exposure
  • Mixing strobes and ambient seamlessly
  • Lighting portraits 2: overpowering natural light
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