Powerful Presentations with Photos and Sound
Jonathan Castner
Jonathan Castner
4 weeks
audio, classes, multimedia, online, photography
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Powerful Presentations with Photos and Sound$229.00

A far cry from having to sit through your Uncle's painful vacation slide shows, the modern audio slide story has become one of the most powerful means to cover a story in depth. The ability to combine high impact visuals with the kind of audio that makes listeners of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) or National Public Radio (NPR in the U.S.) feel like they are "there," is the new way to tell long-format stories. Enterprising journalists have come to recognize that letting readers "hear" photographs is often more powerful than the medium of video.  And it is because of this, that still-picture-plus-audio captures have become a much requested part of online journalism in recent years. This online photography course will give you the tools to create compelling audio slideshows that are ready for online publication - giving new life and meaning to the stories that you want to tell.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

What you will need:

Lesson plan:
  • Understanding field audio recording
  • Editing Audio and Construction of the Audio Bed
  • Hearing visuals / seeing sound – planning the final story as it happens
  • Creating an audio-slide story project and debuting it on the web
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