Digital Black and White Photography
Memphis Barbree
Memphis Barbree
4 weeks
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Digital Black and White Photography$219.00

In the digital age, we have many options for manipulating our photographs at the tips of our fingers. A beautiful black and white photograph is more than a color image converted to grayscale with a software mouse click or camera switch, however. A black and white photograph begins before you activate the camera's shutter. To photograph in black and white you must change your perception and see in grayscale, light and shadow. A challenge for all photographers is squeezing a three or even four dimensional world into a two dimensional image. The art of black and white photography entails the extra step of taking a world we see in color and telling it's story with only shades of white, black and gray. These online photography classes will help photographers see and photograph with the grayscale and begin making beautiful and impactful black and white images.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

What you will need:

Lesson plan:
  • Seeing in black and white: light and shadow
  • Seeing in black and white: the digital camera
  • Developing black and white: computer and software
  • Expressing yourself in monochrome
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