Landscape Photography
Gina Genis
Gina Genis
4 weeks
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Landscape photographers are a privileged lot. They get to experience the natural world, while taking it along home with them in pictures. Landscape photography is an important aspect of documenting our world. Open spaces are becoming scarcer as time goes on. The pleasure of photographing the beauty of nature brings not only pleasure to the eye; it serves to document our natural heritage, caught at a special moment in time. This online photography course is designed to help you recognize that opportune moment where elements of photography combine to produce the strongest and most stunning landscape compositions. But our creations won't stop there. Once captured, they will be toned to perfection in PhotoShop, or whatever photo software you use. Take a walk with your camera and TCI on this one - and become one of those most privileged.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

What you will need:

Lesson plan:
  • Camera Settings for Your First Shoot
  • Timing - Right Place, Right Moment
  • Catch That Light!
  • Digital Post-Production Toning
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