Macro Photography the Digital Way
Gina Genis
Gina Genis
4 weeks
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Practiced correctly and creatively, macro photography can be one of the most fascinating ways to capture and beautify the simplest of subjects. Think of the times you have stopped to appreciate a ladybug, flower, weather-worn pebbles on a sandy beach or your own child's eyes. This online photography course is designed to teach you how to use of depth-of-field, ambient light, focus and exposure to their optimum, in order to make the most powerful close-up photographs possible. You'll discover subjects you never realized existed, see them in ways you never have before and squeeze the shutter button to create stunning photographs of it all.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

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Lesson plan:
  • Finding Your Subject - The Possibilities Are Endless
  • Reading the Light - It Makes or Breaks the Picture
  • Composition - Ordinary versus Dynamic
  • Depth of Field - Telling Your Story with Emphasis and Precision
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