Portrait Photography
Jonathan Mortimer
Jonathan Mortimer
4 weeks
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A portrait is no longer - and let’s be honest, never has been a mere record of a face.   There are many stories and truths that a portrait can tell us about the subject presented before us. Whether it be the soul-searching simplicity of Richard Avedon”s portraits in his book, “In the American West,” or the big-production values of Annie Leibovitz’s Vanity Fair work, the contemporary portrait can reveal more than you’d first expect.  This online and interactive photography course will encourage you to think outside of conventions, use space, light and your subject’s environment to your advantage and approach the portrait as a lot more than an awkwardly-posed moment in time.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

What you will need:

Lesson plan:
  • Research and plan: Know your subject and your kit
  • Using light to aid your portrayal
  • Breaking conventions: A portrait is more than just a face
  • Capturing subject and moment, synergy and an open mind
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